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Skeem Saam Updates For Season 12: Check Who Will Play Tbose

Skeem Saam Updates, Season 12 Coming,Here Is Who Will Play Tbose


Skeem Saam Updates For Season 12: Check Who Will Play Tbose

The SABC has released information regarding Season 12, despite the ongoing debate on TVSA regarding Skeem Saam’s portrayal of Botswana people.

It debuted on Monday, July 3, with three significant events:

1. Another initial succession and refreshed logo. “The concept is centered around bold expression and walking forward toward a brighter future,” states the SABC.

2. Tbose, the show’s trademark, returns, but not as Cornet Mamabolo. You are aware that Cornet left Skeem Saam in 2021 to pursue an entrepreneurial career, and the role has been recast, indicating that he has left permanently.

Granted to previous Outrage! Hungani Ndlovu, Also known as Scandal star by the name of Romeo.

When he was playing Romeo, remember how we looked for him? To see where he is, we even opened investigation files!

He makes a big appearance as Tbose toward the beginning of the new season, under “negative conditions” that take steps to destroy a youthful couple.

3. Tazz Nginda, an actor and model, plays Sisanda Qhubeka, a charming marketing strategist who exudes confidence and sex appeal. To put it another way, the kind of guy whose side-eye you avoid if it irritates you.

This is the situation for some Skeem Saamers due to the fact that not everyone will welcome him warmly. He will divide the Maphosa kingdom and is a subtle agitator who causes trouble.

To date, Tazz has appeared in a variety of roles on SABC1, including Robert on Tshisa, Jungle on Zone 14, and a starring role on, where he played a remorseful ex-husband Lindile who was more concerned with his work than with his wife.

On July 14, he plays Sisanda for the first time.

The tone of Skeem Saam’s refresh for the upcoming season is very different from that of last year when there was little information about Season 11 when it first aired.

The events of this year suggest that the production wants to commit to the series’ future and needs to make some changes because SABC1 is getting a new youth series.

The channel is looking for a new youth series, but no one knows for sure if it will take Skeem Saam’s place.

Skeem Saam is still a top performer for SABC1, so they won’t be able to cut it. However, if it wants to compete with whatever comes next, it needs to keep enticing viewers.


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